How to be cool: Advice from a cool guy

Welcome to Summer Cooldown, our weeklong tribute to all things cool in pop culture. Through our role models of chill and our misguided attempts to emulate them, to the DGAF heroes so defiantly uncool they’re ice cold, we’ll attempt to define the undefinable and celebrate the characters and questions that shaped us.
Everyone wants to be cool.

Luckily, everyone can be cool. We all have the potential within us, but sometimes we just need a little help bringing that potential to life. I’m here to help. And what better time to do that than during one of the hottest summers to ever hit humanity?

What business do I have telling you how to be cool? Well, I’m a cool guy. Always have been.

Being cool comes naturally to me, but I’m aware of what exactly makes me so cool. With the knowledge I’ve gained by examining myself and countless other cool people I’ve encountered in real life, I am prepared to offer all the tips and advice I have for anyone who wants to be cool.

Before we hit the easily digested numbered list of cool tips, let’s do a quick explanation of what “cool” actually is.

What is “cool”?
Coolness is completely subjective. To some people, members of hardcore punk bands are the epitome of cool. To others, aloof performance artists are the coolest people in the world. Some people find street fashion to be the coolest thing imaginable, and others think the coolest people in the world are high-rolling venture capitalists that hang out on yachts.

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